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Select a Storage Source

Once you've chosen the project structure, you need to select the storage source.
We offer two options:

  1. GitHub repository
  2. Zip archive

Select a storage source before publishing the project

Zip archive#

If you choose a Zip archive, you download and create the project on your PC. You can also create and publish the project on the Internet yourself. You will find the instructions on how to build and deploy the project in the file in the root folder of the archive.

GitHub repository#

If you want to publish your project with Quarkly, storing the project in your GitHub repository is required.

To submit project code to the GitHub repository:

  1. Click "Log In with GitHub" to give Quarkly access to your GitHub repositories. Log in or sign up to GitHub, if necessary.
  2. Select an existing repository or enter a new repository name for your project.
  3. If you create a new repository, the project will be saved to it automatically. If you selected an existing repository, click "Commit changes" to save the project to the selected repository.