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Welcome to Quarkly

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What is Quarkly#

Quarkly is a tool for creating websites, landing pages, and web applications. It combines a visual editor, an integrated development environment, and a website builder. Web specialists can work together on a single project:

  • Designers can use the visual editor for creating layouts, prototypes, and components
  • Developers can use the ready-made code to add business logic and code custom components from scratch
  • Contentmakers can easily edit and publish projects

Any layout created in Quarkly is a finished project available for export and publication. Your layouts and prototypes are ready-made code that a developer doesn't have to write from scratch. And your code is also ready-made layouts and prototypes that you don't have to transfer manually to the visual editor.

What the workflow looks like#

The project creating process in Quarkly contains several stages:

  1. You create a new project and share it with your team.
  2. In the visual editor, you add content to the pages using basic primitives, and create components from them to reuse later if needed.
  3. If necessary, the developer adds business logic to the project.
  4. You publish the finished project on your own hosting service or the one available at Quarkly.

How Quarkly works#

All Quarkly projects are based on React components and the @quarkly/atomize library. Every single primitive on the editor's layout is ready-to-use and reusable.

When you create a new layout, prototype, or component, Quarkly generates real code for you which can later be used by the developer and finalized or exported and published without changes.

No worries if you have no coding or design skills because any component can be edited in the visual editor and on the Props panel. Working with Quarkly is as easy as any other graphics editor for a designer.