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Top Bar

Top bar at the top of the screen

Top bar is a bar at the top of the builder. It allows you to open the layers and pages panel, the code editor, publish the project, open the page preview, undo or redo changes and perform other actions. The panel contains:

  • Dashboard
    Here you create, delete, and go to projects.

  • Pages and Layers
    Here you manage pages and page layers (elements).

  • Code Editor
    Here you edit the code of the page and components.

  • Project Name
    With a double click, you can change the project name.

  • Actions on the Project
    Here you rename the project, open its properties, share the project with others, or delete it. To do this, click the ![Arrow Down](/img/icon-arrow-down. svg) icon and a list of actions will appear:

  • Undo
    Undo any action in the project.

  • Redo
    Redo a canceled action in the project.

  • Preview
    Go to page preview mode. This is useful when you want to see how different effects work, for example, when hovering over an element.

  • Publish
    The project must be published to be accessible from a URL. The "Publish" button opens a modal window for publishing the project.
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  • Account Settings
    Here you can find the account information and the logout button.
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