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All units of measurement available in CSS can be used.


You can use the following mathematical operations in the input field: + - * /.

For example, enter the 720px/2 value, click on Enter and get the 360px value.


If you enter an expression containing different units, the input field will reformat it into a calc value.

For example, 100vh-60px will be converted to calc(100vh-60px).

Input shortcuts#

ActionWindows and LinuxMacOS
Increase by 1โ†‘โ†‘
Decrease by 1โ†“โ†“
Increase by 10Shift + โ†‘โ‡ง (Shift) + โ†‘
Decrease by 10Shift + โ†“โ‡ง (Shift) + โ†“
Increase by 0.1Alt + โ†‘โŒฅ (Option) + โ†‘
Decrease by 0.1Alt + โ†“โŒฅ (Option) + โ†“
Increase by 100Ctrl + โ†‘โŒ˜ (Cmd) + โ†‘
Decrease by 100Ctrl + โ†“โŒ˜ (Cmd) + โ†“