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Select Elements

Select an element on a page

To select an element at the highest or current nesting level, just click it. If you need to select a nested element one level down from the current one, there are two ways:

  • Use double-click to go down one level of nesting
  • Click on an element while holding Ctrl or ⌘(Cmd) for MacOS. In this case, the hierarchy of elements isn't taken into account.

To reset the selection, press Esc.

Group selection of elements#

Select several elements on a page

There are two ways to select several elements:

  • Click and hold Shift on the desired elements at the same level
  • While holding Shift and Ctrl or ⇧(Shift) and ⌘(Cmd) for MacOS, click on the desired elements at any level.

To deselect, click the element again with the keys held.

Spacing display#

Spacing display between elements

To see the spacing between elements, select the first element, press Alt or ⌥(Option) for MacOS and point at the second element. If you want to see the spacing to the nested element, hold Ctrl and Alt or ⌘(Cmd) and ⌥(Option) for MacOS.