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How to Edit Elements

How to resize an element with absolute and fixed position#

You can use your mouse to resize elements with absolute and fixed position. Just grab any corner or edge of the selected element and pull it to the desired size.

Text editing#

Text editing

When you select the text, a bar allowing you to quickly edit the text appears above the selected text. There, you can find the following action buttons:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Insert link
  • Convert to a part (span)
  • Clear formatting

Converting to span#

Styling part of the text after conversion to span

If you need to restyle part of the text, for example, highlight a few words, highlight a sentence, or change the letter spacing of a word, you can select the desired part of the text and convert it to span by clicking on the Wrap to span icon icon. After the conversion, you can change the style of the span if needed โ€” apply any properties from the panel.