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The LinkBox Primitive on Page

The LinkBox primitive is used for:

  • creating a link to other pages
  • creating a link to parts within the current or another page (anchor link)
  • creating a link to open files
  • creating a link to write an email
  • creating a link with a phone number

In the LinkBox properties, you can set the target address, the tab behavior when you click the link, the LinkBox behavior when transferring lines and when overflowing.

The difference between Link and LinkBox is that LinkBox is a container where other elements can be placed. These elements together will work as a link. For example, LinkBox is perfect for cards that link to another page.

Available props#

Prop nameDescription
hrefSets the address to go to when the link is clicked
targetYou can define the window where the page opened by the link will be loaded:
โ€ƒ_self - loads the page into the current window;
โ€ƒ_blank - loads the page into a new browser window;
โ€ƒ_parent - loads the page into the frame parent. If there are no frames, this value works as _self;
โ€ƒ_top - cancels all frames and loads the page in the full browser window. If there are no frames, this value works as _self.