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The Icon Primitive on Page

An icon is from a set available in the builder

In the properties, you can specify the icon size and color and choose the icon itself from the provided sets.

Available props#

Prop nameDescription
sizeIcon size corresponds to the font size
categorySet name:
  • fa โ€“ Font Awesome
  • bs โ€“ Bootstrap Icons
  • io โ€“ Ionicons
  • md โ€“ Material Design
  • ti โ€“ Typicons
  • go โ€“ GitHub Octicons
  • fi โ€“ Feather
  • gi โ€“ Game Icons
  • wi โ€“ Weather Icons
  • di โ€“ Devicons
  • ai โ€“ Ant Design
iconThe icon name in a particular set. You can see a complete list of icon names on the official website of the desired set or you can find out the name of the desired icon by selecting it in the builder
colorThe icon color corresponds to the color style property