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Getting Started

  1. After logging in, you will be taken to the Dashboard. Two projects are automatically created for you:

    • Onboarding Tutorial that will teach you the basics of Quarkly
    • Website Example — a ready-made website example


  2. Create a new Quarkly project. To do this, click on the card with the "+" icon and enter the project name. Creating a new Quarkly project

  3. Now go to the project. To do that, click it or call the context menu and select "Open". Project context menu on the dashboard

  4. You are now in the visual editor interface. To allow other users to access, rename, or delete the project, open its settings. Menu of project settings in the visual editor

  5. Add a finished block to the layout by clicking the "+" icon in the center of the page. Adding a ready-made block to the page

  6. Select the block you like and click on it. Selecting a ready-made block from the catalog

  7. Now select the text element on the page. Click it while pressing Ctrl, or ⌘ (Cmd) on MacOS. This allows you to select elements while ignoring parent ones. You can also select child elements by double-clicking them. Selecting components on the page

  8. Change the text color on the right property panel. Changing the text color on the props panel

  9. Edit text. To do that, double-click the text in the selected element. Text editing

  10. You can create pages. To do that, open the Pages and Layers panel. "Pages and Layers" panel

  11. To add an element, go to the Components panel. There are both simple and complex components. You can also create custom components. "Components" panel

  12. Just drag the component to the desired place and it will become part of the page. Dragging and dropping a component onto the page

  13. Publish the project. To start publishing, click "Publish". Project publication

  14. Connect your GitHub account to export your project to the repository. Connecting a GitHub account

  15. Select "New repository", enter the name, and click "Create repository". Creating a new repository

  16. After connecting the repository, connect your Netlify account. Connecting a Netlify account

  17. Select "New website" and click "Create website". Creating a new website

  18. The process of project building takes a few minutes. Once the badge changes status to "Success", the project is published and available via a link. Project building status

  19. Click the link to open the published project. Link to the published project

Congrats! You've just created and published your first project on Quarkly.